Sarah Robinson

Sarah Robinson

I am a Primary School Teacher and I have taught in several schools in Shropshire over the years. A few years ago, I taught at St Lawrence’s Primary School, Church Stretton, so some of you may remember me teaching you! I have had people say to me, ‘I remember you! You sang and played ‘The Robot Song’ on your guitar!’ I do hope that I taught them a little more than that! It is wonderful to be back involved in the school teaching again with the existing teams at '3:16' (Junior Christian Club) and 'JAM Club’ (Infant Christian Club). The "Open the Book" team from church run the Friday assemblies. I marvel over their clever interpretations of the Bible stories and for their amazing commitment as it has been running for several years now! The children often speak to me about the stories that "The Story Tellers" have portrayed.

I wish to note that my job isn’t just working with children but I am also available for talking with parents and young families as a "listening ear" and I would like to be a support where needed. I am at the Parents and Toddlers Group on Thursday mornings in the Parish Centre so please come and introduce yourself to me there if you wish; I would love that! My telephone number is at the bottom of this page for anyone who would like a chat about family issues.

My main aim is to share the reality of Jesus with children and adults and I would very happily pray with you at any time. May your hearts and homes be open to God’s unfailing love and bring you true joy and peace.

Phone No: 01694 771248