Pastoral Care Group

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care group is made up of volunteer members of St. Laurence's Church. Each member has had pastoral training and is given names of the more elderly folk in the town who are housebound and would like to be visited. Many of these elderly folk were active members of the church when they were younger and agile. Friendships grow strong over the years.

The highlight for many are the afternoons of Evensong in St. Laurence’s church. 60 or more over 80’s are picked up by volunteer drivers and the ‘Ring and Ride’ bus and ferried to the Church where they enjoy the Prayer Book service of Evensong. This is followed by Tea in the Parish Centre where they can meet and chat and catch up on old times.

Another event bringing these folks together is the service of "Carols and Tea" at the Church, which is well attended with lifts provided.

If you want to know more about the pastoral care team please click here to contact the Church Office.