Life's Big QuestionsQuestion mark

Following feedback to our request about questions people are asking, we did a series on life's big questions at a number of our services during the Autumn of 2016.

 11th September

 Suffering - why is there so much of it?

 18th September

 Purpose - what is the point of life? What values should we live by?

 9th October

 Destiny - what happens when we die?

 23rd October

 The universe - how did it start? Is it designed?

 30th October

 God - does he/she exist? If so, what is God like?

 6th November

 What about all the wars and destruction in the Old Testament?
   (postponed to a future date)

 20th November

 Who is Jesus - just a good man or prophet?

 27th November

 2nd coming - will it happen? Where is the world going?
   (postponed to a future date)

Recordings of the talks are available here.

If you would like the text of any of these sermons please contact the Church Office.